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(Plain) Matte Blue Contact Paper Waterproof Peel and Stick for Kitchen Countertops Cabinets Furniture Self Adhesive Waterproof Decorative Wallpaper Sticker
Price RM10.00 - RM50.00 RM20.00 - RM60.00
Product SKU N755
Brand Korea Wallpaper
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  • Blue Peel and Stick Wallpaper
  • This self-adhesive contact paper Sticker
  • Great for kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, dining room, and office application
  • Waterproof, oil-proof, dust-proof and moisture-proof.
  • Very easy to clean, removable Wallpaper


Light Blue:



Dark Blue:

#Blue Peel and Stick Wallpaper
*This self-adhesive contact paper provides a brand new look for any item. Great for kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, dining room, and office application.
*Blue Contact Paper- This peel and stick vinyl film is durable, matte and colorfast. It is suitable for countertops, cabinets, shelves, fridges, tea tables, drawers, doors, note books, and bookcases renovation..
*Waterproof Contact Paper
*This contact paper is waterproof, oil-proof, dust-proof and moisture-proof. Very easy to clean.
*Removable Wallpaper- This self adhesive PVC film is removable. It can be removed easily without any damage and residue left.

*The contact paper have grid on the backing paper to help measure and cut.Thickness:0.2mm



To apply, Simply: 

1. Clean on surface/wall you want to apply 
2. Take out contact pvc wallpaper
3. Position, measure and cut (make sure precise to look nicely)
4. Use wiper to wipe on surface consistently for stick strongly purpose
5. Put stuff back in place (for cabinet, rack)


Suitable and recommend for: 

Renter, homeowner, can apply on any smooth flat surface


Best to apply at: 

Kitchen cabinet, Study Room, Bookshelf, Bedroom shoe rack, Bookshelf, Table, Furnature Surface



PVC material, eco-friendly, waterproof and modern look
Wateproof PVC material 

Self-Adhesive Wallpaper 
Wallpaper Is peel and stick self-adhesive wallpaper, do not need by glue separately.


Removeable, repaint, and reinstall by you wish
A THICK PVC made, easy to remove or peel it and reinstall another design by your own wish


Do not fade, non stick surface & easy to wipe dirt 
Quick and easy to wipe dirt without leave any stain and not excise.



Save time and easy DIY 
Doing it yourself without hiring someone to help you up, save time and cost.




How to install: 


Customer questions & answers smiley

Question 1: Can I lay this down over a linoleum countertop? How would it do around the sinks?

Answer: Yes . you can , and this is a very thick contact paper



Question 2: Can I remove and change to another design on it?

Answer: Yes, you can. Easy peel it and remove it smoothly if wish to change another design.



Question 3: Can I use this as a temporary floor vinyl covering ?

Answer: Yes, you can be used as temporary floor  vinyl covering

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