Modern bamboo background wallpaper home decoration

Modern bamboo background wallpaper home decoration

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Decorate your home, shop or office with our products,decor items, wall papers, wall decals ,wall mural suit for office and great selection with here.












Wallpaper Code:66985


Wallpaper Code:66985


Product Description:

Decorative waterproof sticker, the latest low carbon environmental protection product!

Fixed rules: 53 cm width, the length of the regular small volume of 10 m/roll . I roll can cover 5.3 square meter /57 square feet.

Material quality: the environmental protection of PVC.

On the back of the cabin glue product advantages:
1) Environmental protection, waterproof, mouldproof, variety of styles, beautifully designed, safe environmental protection construction is convenient, without brushing glue, can direct paste on decorations.Don't have to pay big money please decorate worker, economical and convenient.Uncovered the paste, can enjoy the fun to decorate their house.
This also has certain sound-absorbing, mouldproof, bacteria resistant.

2) Can a good anti-aging, scrub resistance, easy to clean.
The back of this wallpaper has a viscose like photo to both walls or furniture as long as the local scotch tape to stick up the wallpaper can be posted up and don't want to be ready to be off.

Use scope: bathroom toilet metope adornment kitchen stickers, waterproof and moistureproof, beautify commonly used at home!Shop decoration, metope, furniture renovation, DIY receive a case of reform can be used.

Method of use:
-To paste the location of surface dust or grease pollutants such as clean after dry (to stick on the surface of flat, not wet)
This corresponded with stickers to her how to put the best first.
- Carefully from top to bottom, stick wallpaper on the gradually remove the protection on the reverse of the paper layer.Use soft cloth or towel by wallpaper the central to gently wipe up flat on both ends, all the bubble discharge, ensure a smooth effect.
- If there are air bubbles with a needle stick out once it is ok to run the air.



1) Measure the dimension of your idea place with the wallpaper. It need estimate how many standard rolls of wallpaper you' ll need. We have allowed for trimming and 10% extra for pattern matching, based on a standard room layout.

2) Clean the dust or grease before you paste.

3) Paste the wallpaper from top to bottom gently and it will be stick on the wall.

4) Use a card to make the wall become smooth or if there is a bubble appeared and you may use needle to poke it.

5) If you have any enquiries and please do not hesitate to contact me. Thank you.

6) For In Stock , We will ship out with 24 hours or for out of stock pre order 2-4 weeks.


how many rolls of wallpaper per wall? ?>>>>>Contact Us now 

Please provide your measurment width and height per wall , we will calculate for u how many rolls of wallpaper per wall u need to purchase.

Whatapps / Hp number: +6010-2753789 






Buyers must read: in order to protect your legal rights, please read the following terms. A certain number of wallpaper suggest to buy enough, replenishment is there will be color will be different . Don't water the wallpaper, wallpaper color appearance led to a series of quality problems and we are not responsible for, be sure to inform the master in the wallpaper before construction!! After completion of construction, at least 2-3 days can not open the window ventilation, so the wallpaper dried naturally. Just after the end of the bubble is a normal phenomenon, 5~8 days after the bubble will gradually disappear. In the construction process have any questions, please contact us for advice, thank you for your cooperation.

Note: Due to selling faster product updates, we can not guarantee you of buying goods are exactly the same color if you are separately purchase , embossed, thickness and other issues not responsible. We recommend that you purchase a sufficient amount of time, so as not to give you trouble! The back of the sticker material, please demanding friends carefully, pictures are real shot.


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