Creative photo wall frame wood picture 9 frames+ tree sticker - Code: FR18

Creative photo wall frame wood picture 9 frames+ tree sticker - Code: FR18

Brand: Kellyshops
Product Code: fr18
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* Fr18 Color:

* Bostik Blu Tack:

CODE: FR18 RM 150

Creative photo wall frame wood picture 9 frames+ tree sticker

Color: Full White or Red+ White













Bostik Blu Tack

RM 15


Blu Tack: a 20.5cm * 2.4cm, a packet of four [total weight 75G], value!!

[non-toxic harmless / Green / wall seamless]

Method of use:

1, the Blue Neoprene cut into small uniform, and then into a small ball, the viscosity in need back fixed items.

2, force will need to be fixed items extrusion to the wall, fixed.

3, need to be taken off, need to slowly push frame, will be removed, and then force the Blue Neoprene rubbed down

4, not suitable for the use of inferior paint, easy off the wall

Super multi function blue gum

1, to hang a lighter, smaller Frameless paintings, imitation of an oil painting, such as store sales of 40 * 30cm or 30 * 30cm imitation painting;

Please note: not suitable for hanging with the glass surface of the decorative painting, and so on.

2, used to paste photos on the wall, to create a family photo wall; used to paste the A4 file paper onto any surface; used in children with paste posters;

3, adhesive paper, greeting cards, photographs, maps, fixed crafts,

4, on the front windshield glass, paste perfume bottles, tissue boxes or other small things, posted on the mouse pad below, this mouse pad will not run wild;

Note: stick frame is bunched up into small groups, four corner with 4 small clusters of fixed! A small frame four angle can, big photo frame is fixed at the blue glue 6-8! Stick before knead, effect is more firmly!

蓝丁胶: 一条为20.5cm*2.4cm,一包四条[总计重量75G],超值!!














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