Crystal soil soilless gardening hydroponic plant flowers never fade - Code: AA310

Crystal soil soilless gardening hydroponic plant flowers never fade - Code: AA310

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Crystal soil soilless gardening hydroponic plant flowers never fade

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Color: purple, yellow, transparent, blue, colorful, Dark green

1 packet inside = 200psc

无土养花 魔豆好伴侣 水晶泥土 永不褪色 水培植物养花

颜色:紫色,黄色,透明,蓝色,七彩,深绿色/ 1小包有200粒















1)Little beads,put into the water and then magically change several times!


Super magic super fun super PP~ packed in glass bottles.


Always feel like flower planting soil some dirty? Often give them too much trouble? Flowerpot worms? Oftento change water,very troublesome?The flow of sewage more people hate?--crystal mud can thoroughly solve the vexed brain.


Crystal mud fashion, beautiful, environmental protection,convenient in a body,instead of the earth interior plants used in traditional.Crystal mud products have been popular in Japan and South Korea to Europe and the United States andHong Kong and Taiwan area, become a hundred percent marketable products.


Features: be good to hear or see:colorful,heart mix. Crystal mud blew,crystal clear,like the appearance ofcrystal jelly,highly ornamental, as interiordecoration.Do not fade,tasteless,put aquarium,can raise flowers!


Absorption rate:180-220 times


2)high water retention: rich in moisture,nutrients, trace elements.Can becultivated,crystal mud wet material,rich in water (more than 95%), trace elements.Does not need to be watered every day,regular fertilizing, flower arrangement: long-term preservation, long time does not fade


3)Add spices: fragrance can be released slowly in the indoor long time,do not have interest!


Long service life:

4)After absorption of water for more than 3 years, non-toxic,safety and environmental protection.


Method of use:


1,The pure water or cold water poured into a large container,add a package ofcrystal mud,or by the crystal mud and water ratio of 1:120-200 immersion.Static 5-8 hours,crystal mud,after the full expansion,can be used.


2,use crystal ball will loss becomes small,only the crystal mud out,resoaked in water for a period of time,the crystal block will be expanded again,unobstructiveusing.


3,Avoid sunlight exposure,indoor flowering selected are relatively shade tolerant plants, can maintain not wither,withered plants long time, such as crystalpure clear, will not cause root rot. Can keep clean.


4,no pollution to plants, soil, medium and groundwater.The final decomposition products of amine,carbon dioxide and water, no toxic residues


5,suitable for the cultivation of plants:


Crystal soil suitable for planting like damp, suitable for indoor water strong foliage plants or indoor hydroponic plants,such as: herbal,palm, pineapple,Maranta, Lycoris radiata,iron,bamboo, taro class,not applicable should beplanted to sunlight of woody plants, flower type planting and succulentplants.


6,Please place the product in the children should not take place,to avoid eating.


Avoid strong sunlight irradiation.


Crystal mud itself has no odor,excess water will produce odor.In order to avoid this situation,please insertfront water drain at the flower plants.If the crystalblock dirt,rinse with water clean.




















- 请将产品放在儿童不宜取到的地方,以免误食。

- 避免阳光强烈照射。

- 水晶泥本身无气味,多余的水份可能会产生气味。为了避免出现这种情况,请在花卉植物插种前将水份滴干。如果晶块出现泥垢,应用水冲洗干净再用。

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